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and I was born on July 28th, 2003. My mommy and daddy saved me from a pet store and brought me to my new home on November 22nd.

I really am such a happy and carefree pug who seems to steal the hearts of everyone that I come into contact with. I'm still working on Grandpa Sabato, but I think he's cracking. I'm so lucky to have so much family that loves me. I have Grandma & Grandpa Sabato, Grandma & Grandpa Sandarciero, Uncle Chris, Aunt Fabiana, Uncle Teddy, Aunt Valerie and my cousins Teddy Jaren, Aaron Chase and Gwenn Elizabeth. I don't get to play too much with my cousins cause sometimes I run around like a madman, jump all over them and nibble at their ears. Hopefully soon enough I can play with them!

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